Robust. Agile. Secure.

Since 2001, Optiv + ClearShark has been a go-to adviser in the U.S. Public Sector for creating customized and integrated solutions for the most secure of networks.


The modern threat vector continues to evolve and accelerate. Next-generation solutions are essential in protecting IT infrastructure. Optiv + ClearShark partners with market-leading technology vendors to offer zero-day threat protection, next generation firewalls, centralized event logging and correlation, application firewalls, and full packet capture and storage.

Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure

Modern data centers need to perform a myriad of services including on-demand infrastructure, applications, voice, and data.  With the emergence of converged and hyper-converged technologies, and an increased demand for cloud and virtualized infrastructure, along with legacy support requirements, it is imperative that data centers are implemented with scalability in mind.  Optiv + ClearShark provides solutions for networking, compute, and storage that provide this scalability and growth.

Big Data

The Optiv + ClearShark team has set the bar for Big Data Analytics with Splunk. As one of the global leaders in Splunk services, our technical teams provide comprehensive knowledge of Splunk architecture and design for networks at scale in the cloud, on premises, and in hybrid environments. We are skilled in HPC environments, leveraging enterprise security and ITSI for super computing and operational settings.

Enterprise Storage

The amount of data that needs to be stored and managed continues to grow at an explosive rate. While the surge of data grows, organizations are tasked with doing more with the same or less budget. Optiv + ClearShark has the expertise and resources to deliver the most efficient and secure data management solutions that will scale across your enterprise.